Services Provided

  •       Construction Management
  •       Project Management
  •       Cost Estimating from Conceptual through to Bid Documents
  •       Scheduling
  •       Feasibility Studies
  •       Contract Administration
  •       Quantity Surveying
  •       Value Engineering
  •       Change Order Evaluation/Negotiation
  •       Claims Evaluation/Prevention/Negotiation
  •       Services in Connection with Arbitration or Litigation including Expert Evidence
  •       Valuations for Insurance Purposes
  •       Life Cycle Costing Studies and Estimates of Annual Running Costs
  •       Services in Connection with Assessment of Damage to Buildings
  •       Construction loan monitoring services for Owners, Banks and Lending Institutions

Cost Control

Effective cost control is at the forefront of the firms’ priorities. A detailed and realistic framework for exercising this control is established at the outset and strict procedures set up and followed throughout the design and construction phases to ensure that the Client obtains value for money and that the costs are maintained within budget. An important element of the cost control process is giving advice as to the most appropriate and cost effective manner in which to procure construction work.  The firm is well placed to provide sound advice in this regard with its extensive experience of the various forms of contract and procurement procedures. Each project is unique, however, and we welcome the opportunity of discussing with a Client their own situation in order that we can prepare detailed proposals best suited to meet their requirements and objectives.

Parallel Cost Estimates

One area where our services have been particularly effective in recent years is providing parallel Cost Estimates, at the various stages of the design process, with Construction Managers (CM). This process begins by the designers issuing similar documentation packages to both ourselves and the CM. We then both prepare Cost Estimates totally independently of each other. These Cost Estimates are then submitted to the Owner and the design team. The CM and ourselves are then given a copy of the Cost Estimate prepared by the other after which a meeting is arranged to reconcile both Cost Estimates. After the reconciliation, the Owner and design team can take a level of comfort that two firms have looked at the same documentation and arrived at a similar cost.