Additional Projects

Renovations to Needham Town Hall
Needham, MA
Owner: Town of Needham
Consultant: McGinley Kalsow & Associates


Former Police & Fire Building
Providence, RI
Owner: City of Providence
Consultant: TRO Jung/Brannen


New Library
Hopkinton, MA
Owner: Town of Hopkinton
Consultant: Brain Main (PM)


Senior Center
Cohasset, MA
Owner: Town of Cohasset
Consultant: Bargmann Hendrie & Archetype


Squamscott Community Commons
Exeter, NH
Owner: Town of Squamscott
Consultant: Bargmann Hendrie & Archetype

Renovations to Town Hall & Library
Norwell, MA
Owner: Town of Norwell
Consultant: Kang Associates, Inc.


Lodge Building
Turner Falls, MA
Owner: Montague Elks Lodge
Consultant: Joseph P. Mattei & Associates


Public Library, Additions & Renovations
Athol, MA
Owner: Town of Athol
Consultant: Tappe Associates


Somerville City Hall Annex
Somerville, MA
Owner: Town of Somerville
Consultant: McGinley Hart & Associates


Stabilization of Bleachery Building
Cohoes/Waterford, NY
Owner: Peebles Island State Park
Consultant: CHA Sports

COA/Community Center
Stow, MA
Owner: Town of Stow
Consultant: Kang Associates, Inc.


Nevins Memorial Library
Methuen, MA
Owner: Town of Methuen
Consultant: Confidential


Renovation, Paris St. Community Center
Boston, MA
Owner: City of Boston
Consultant: Kang Associates, Inc.


South Stair Relocation, City Hall Plaza
Boston, MA
Owner: City of Boston
Consultant: BSC Group


Wenham Town Hall/Police Station
Wenham, MA
Owner: City of Wenham
Consultant: Ted Gentry Associates